Hash #891

Wankers of Ithaca H3, we are pleased to announce our customary celebration of  spring’s return to the Fingered Lakes by hosting the annual In-Vernal Gathering of Half-Minds! On Sunday, May the Fifth, we welcome back our road-whores from Stinko de Mayo Weekend@H5 by setting a sh*tty trail through the back[door]woods of Hammond Hill, with plenty of comestibles for them’s what want it, and will get it good and hard.

WHERE: Hammond Hill Road Parking Lot, off Irish Settlement Rd. outside Dryden [look for the Big [P] like we always do
WHEN: 2:69PM HST — summer hours, plus we know it’s a 4-hour drive from H5
WHY: To acquire a good thirst and satisfy it properly; to deliver us from weekly hangovers; to promote physical fitness amongst us; and to remind our elders they are not as old as they may feelGARB: Wear something suitable — traditional colors are yellow [beer], green [shiggy!], and red [blood!].
HOUNDS: Socialized, trustworthy pups only plz.
HASHIT: bring out the Horse’s Ass, the Hashit, the FRB pack, the other Hashit, the Bobbit, the Purple Head, and any other Hashy awards and random hashcrap you have laying around — and make a new one if you like!

[Feel free to share with our neighbors, but not the Fuzz]