Hash #886

I’m Not Sitting on My Ass Trail

Sunday, Feb 24 at 1:69 HST

Location: In an attempt to keep flying limbs away from halfmind heads, we’re moving the start location to the the northwest corner of Cornell’s A Lot. It’s the big parking lot off of Pleasant Grove Rd. .

Winter weather got you feeling lays-ee? Or did you maybe drink too much Franzia wine at last weekend’s WInterhash, and you still haven’t shaken that hangover? No matter the reason, get off your ass and come to trail this Sunday! You’ll love it, in some strange sort of way that only halfminds can understand.

We won’t know what the weather will be like until that day, so don’t dress reasonably or respectably. We’re hashers, after all, by Gispert!
For $5, you can expect cheap beer, shots at a stop, and crunchy chips. Hash hounds on leash will make trail all the more enjoyable. Bring virgins with a sense of adventure and their worst singing voices.

Your winter hare,
Shiggy Shaman