Hash #879

Worried about weekend lethargy? Concerned about desiccated liver, expanding waistline, persistent lumbago, toxic family, or pernicious boredom?
Sweat no more, for the Ithaca Hash House Harriers presents its annual autumnal timbres of ON IN to Pleasant Hovel once more—bring yourself, your customs, your backsliders, your Hash Awards (Sleeve of Shame? Bobbit? Horse’s Ass? Hashit? Beulah?), and whatever your finest, dankest Thanksgiving
goodness extant—to this year’s edition of IH3 PRIME LEFTOVERS TRAIL, around the wilds of Pleasant-Hovel-Upon-Monkey-R*n.


•Hares: Master Baster & Porcelain Goddess
•411: 59 Mt. Pleasant Road, 14850
•Time: **12:69PM HST, Sunday 11/Twenty-Vife**
•T/E Split?: ON-ON is encouraged, with ALL NEW sights on a LIVE TRAIL format. Peegee hosts the on-on-on with a fire for those inclined toward Art & Chat for Team NLC.
•BYOBF: Feel free to bring your Prime Leftovers and Quality Bev to share.
•Hounds: *Well-socialized* only, leashed!
•Hashit: Clean out your closets and sheds, f’G’ssake—THE HASHIT MUST PASS ON!
•Garb: Dress to Excess
•Virgins & Justs: sure?
•HC: Still 5€!