Hash #859

Hot Loomis Fertility Fest Hash

Sunday, May 6 at 2:69 HST at the Hammond Hill Parking Lot

Half minds who have been to Hammond Hill before know: Don’t even try to get to the parking lot by a route other than from the Irish Settlement Rd. side of the Hill, unless you are prepared to ditch your vehicle a few miles away and walk or mountain bike the rest of the way.

Cum celebrate the lusty month of May with your hares, Doris Dicktoria and Shiggy Shaman! What better way to celebrate the rites of spring than to explore the sacred grounds of the Super Frosty Loomis in a hot wet way?! Bring your hard long poles to dance around or dare to be the Queen of the May.

$5 Hash Cash will get you the flavor of beer dripping down your wanton lips and give you a Spirit of Spring, infused with the magic Loomis root. Virgins always cum for free!