Hash #855

O Half-Minds, Wankers, Perverts – lend us your beers! For we come not to bury fair Caesar, but to praise quim!

Our Festical commemorates the Ides of March, the nadir of our Winter of Discount Tent, thus this occasion shall merit our dress:

Come In A Bedsheet! Please, gird thy fiery loins in your finest Tyrian Purple patrician’s garb, fasten your laurels, bring your wineskin and get ye hence across the Rubicon*!

Trail will commence at Flat Rocks^^ once more, again at 1:69 PM because we honor Helios’ Ascension with a fall-forward onto our faces—Sun-dial faces, that is!

Bring your finest Vestal Virgins, well-behaved leashed hounds, IH3 treasures (Bobbit!? Hashit!? Hashirt?! Whoreses Ass?! Booze Cabinet!?), and backsliders — NO BRUTUSES ALLOWED, by Jupiter’s beard!

Come In A Bedsheet with a friend for optimal bacchanalian satisfaction. #€


*Fall Creek, verily

^^Tech: 397 Forest Home Drive.

#€ Forsooth, chariot-share as parking can get crowded. Nearest public parking is to the east by #434 FHDr. or Mundy Stone Loop lot to the west on Caldwell Rd.