Hash #840

Aight, wankers, listen up! Bust out yer stained wife beaters and sleeveless flannel shirts (pants if you feel like it) ‘cuz the Trailer Trash Hash is happnin this Sunday! (9/24 @ 2:69pm HST)

Your hashy trashy hares, Spluigi and Twatatouille, will meet you at the end of MONKEY RUN RD. in the Hamlet of VARNA

We’ll have more Natty and Busch (and gnatty bush) than you’ll ever need and plenty of shiggy, too. So bring yer selves a dry bag and some cinder blocks to park your cars on while we stumble through scenic Varna.

In the spirit of all the things trashy, we’ll be bringing garbage bags to pick up litter on trail and encourage all y’all hounds to join us. Tr(hash) cash $5, virgins free. Leashed dogues welcome, but be aware of road crossings