Hash #831

Blow your sparkling load Merica!
The drunk naked German is here
to celebrate freedom & beer!!!!!


Who: Every hasher in the area who loves drinking, virgins, nakedness, blowing shit up like blow up midget dolls, fire works, terrorists, seagulls, balloons, condoms, pumpkins, and skinny midgets!

What: Adult Hash Trail, A2A trail, dog friendly ? (if they can swim)

Where: Shindagin Hollow State Park, First parking spot on Braley Hill rd.

Directions to Shindagin Hollow:
Shindagin Hollow State Forest is located in Caroline, NY, about 10 miles East from Ithaca and 24 miles West from I-81 at Whitney Point.

From Ithaca: take NY 79 East for 7 miles and turn right (South) on Boiceville Rd. (if you got as far as Slaterville Springs on 79, you went too far). A half mile later Boiceville Rd ends at a T with Central Chapel Rd. Turn left at T (still south) onto Central Chapel Rd. After 2.5 miles you come to a Y intersection with Shindagin Hollow Rd and Braley Hill Rd, take Braley Hill Rd to theparking spot.
Parking: There is parking on Braley Hill Rd a half mile in from the T on the left (just as your crest the rise).

When: Sunday 2 July 2017 @ 1:69 PM

Hares: Whiplash, and the virgin hare Just Tara

Why: Because we all love drinking and running in Merica after drunk naked Germans, virgin hares, beer, ticks, midgets, and hookers. We also want to let everyone know that we can *un/jog/walk/skip/jump/crawl and drink (something like beer, breast milk, Cooter juice, etc.) at the same time because it is mother fucking Merica biatches!!!!

SPECIAL-ed DESTRUCTION’S: Bring any fucked up ideas you might have floating around in your craniums! Bring your best outfit to advertise this crazy kennel. Bring extra clothes, shoes, towel, condoms, wet wipes, blow up dolls, bags of blow, tick repellent, one armed pregnant tattooed midget hookers, chalk, new shoes, virgins, etc.

Hash will have Merica beer, Merica snacks, but if you eat like a mother fucking Merica bear then bring some food and drink to share with your fellow Mericans!

Easiest way to find depravity: This is for all the people without smart phones or if for some reason people can’t follow trail marking to the A or B location. Get on a computer somewhere like the local library and print out the fucking information to get to the hash.

Call all your crazy HHHashers and virgins you can drag along!!

Need Someone that Cares? Call the Hares, Yes, because they are the only ones that really do because they are haring.

On On