Hash #795


SUNDAY 7/17 @ 12:69 HST ***Earlier start***

Start : Monkey Run parking area at intersection of Hanshaw and Lower Creek Rd (carpooling strongly encouraged!)

Nurse TaKillYa brings you 13ish miles of glorious Ithaca trail! Cummence at the top of where the monkeys run and wind your way through Ithaca on a glorious summer day, hitting a few of Nurse’s favorite spots along the way!

Please note: Nurse shan’t be sweeping walkers for 13 miles. By all means do a r*n/walk approach, but don’t plan on hiking the entirety of trail.

There is therefore a 5k option! With the assistance of our dear Floss and his party bus, walkers can get an autohashing assist from the 5k point to the remaining BNs! That’s right! Tour Ithaca in hash style while the dumber among us r*n BN to BN!

Oh, my dog. This is a dumb idea! Let’s do it!

DISCLAIMER : The weather report is calling for quite a toasty day, so please – if you plan to half m*rathon, bring a hand bottle or hydration vest *and carry actual water in it*. I know it’s a lot to ask of half minds, but please make good decisions when considering how you will do this trail so we can all have fun and no one has to go to the ER on Nurse’s day off. There will be ample water (and beer!) available at BNs, but given the heat it will be necessary to ensure one has water available between BNs.