Hash #753

SUNDAY April 26 — 1:69HST
Annual Space Cadet Hash, complete with cookies!
Shindagin Hollow
HashCash is $5.


This will be one for the Stars… wear your best alien, bounty hunter, captain, first mate, minion, or space villian outfit for an afternoon on the fertile moon of Kashykk, as we search for wild and wooly Wookiee.  We will convene at the Braley Hill parking lot in Shindig-An Hollow on Sunday at 1:69PM HST. A brave, intrepid co-hare will be considered.

We convene at the third (the farthest away) parking lot on Braley Hill Road in Shindagin Hollow SF for a truly out-of-this-world experience.

Well-behaved hounds and virgins are welcome, please be aware that mountain-biker encounters are possible. Come prepared for an Earth Day scavenger hunt — a special prize will be awarded for the Most Crap Gathered and the Best Trash winners!

Special treats will be arranged on this celebration of the Rites of Spring!
(Pagan observances of same are welcome and encouraged)