Hash #537: Safari Hash

Hey Half-Minds,

The Hot Young Singles (HYS) contingent, Cocktail, Tofu, and Mouthful, cordially invite you to this Sunday’s hash. Commencement will occur at 3pm.

In honor of wanting an excuse to dress up, this may possibly be a safari hat. Feel free to let your inner-beast show itself with pin-on tails, fuzzy ears, and animal themed underwear. Beer will be served in troughs. There will be snacks as well, and we’ll probably eat whoever ends up lowest on the food chain.

We will also attempt to make the course dog/cat/iguana safe with leashes, and may even through in a little turkey-eagle split, or a turtle-elephant split, or maybe even a elk-tiger split.

We will be meeting at the Wilson Synchrotron Lab. I think that’s adult-speak for Merry-Go-Round.

To get there, get to the intersection of Dryden Rd. and Pine Tree Rd. From there, go North across the GEV Synchrotron Service Bridge and look for a parking lot on the left.

Stay tuned for further last minute changes.