Hash #1052

It is Beaster eg….ok it is not. Sorry Floss. 3/30/24, SOH4 and IH3, and ummmm..MFH3 (hmmm) team up to set an epic trail in the shadow of Auburn Prison. Note Ithaca, this is a Saturday trail.

Join us,UC and Cumboy @ 1:69 pm in the back parking lot of the Utopia Club, 141 South Fulton St Auburn. , but please park at Kinney Pharmacy, 62 Owasco st and walk over.

Ithaca folks can park at CBW’s house and carpool in. PM me

Don your best Easter attire, whether it be a bunny onesie or a church best.

Please note that hash cash will be through SOH4 and $7 Rego here.https://www.soh4.com/trails/692/

Virgins free. Leashed doggos welcum.

Any ?????’s let me know. On after at Prison City Pub.