Hash #1047

There’s nothing like have a quiet evening in and getting a full night’s rest before a big day of hashing, right?

Well, F*** your sleep cycles. Come on down to Ithaca this Friday (Feb 16th) for a cozy Winterhash prelube.

Bring your cuddliest PJs, fuzziest bunny slippers, Ebeneezer-est night caps, stuffed-est bears, Superman-est sleeping bags, crumb covered-est robes, and most insecure blankets because let’s face it, over half of us have passed 40. There is a good chance of dropping where we stand when the clock hits 11 pm. Might as well be comfortable while sleeping in the puddles.

Start Location: Liquid State (620 W Green St, Ithaca, NY)

State Time: 7:00 pm

Hash Cash: BYOB (Buy Your Own Beer)

Food situation: Silo Food Truck will be at Liquid State serving Cooter approved fried chicken until 10 pm. There are also plenty of other options around.

Dogs: nah

Virgins: as long as you make sure to tuck them in