Hash #1042

Ho, ho, ho please come out to Reverse Penguin and Shit Go My Lego’s Sexy Santa Hash. So dress in your festive finery. Come as Santa, come as a reindeer, come in a sweater, dress like a Dickensian Caroler…You do you. It’s going to be fun. There will be beers. There will be shots. There will be x-mas cheer. There is the outside chance of a secret hare.

Important down downs/side sides/up ups to dispense: Miss D. turns 40 this week. BVD also has a birthday. Deebs had a birthday. Shitalkie had a birthday. Kicky had a birthday. Maybe others.

Where: Connecticut Hill off Boylan Rd. (The exact starting location is weather-dependent so check again the day of. For now, the pin drop should be good.)

Pin Drop: https://maps.app.goo.gl/rZd3UXaJFrwi3pN17

When: 12/23/23 12:69PM

Cost: $5 (First timers free)

On After: Sebring Inn

Dogs are cool. Virgins are cool

It’s still hunting season orange is recommended.