Hash #1028

Sorry for the late notice on this one but here are the details for tomorrow’s trail. My Bad – Signed Penguin
Note the special pricing, it is a float hash see details below:
It is also in Marathon, NY

From your Hare, Donkey Queen:

Trail announcement #1028: We All Float Down Here
Keep the [Fall] crick in your neck, and come HASHING ON A RIVER down what has been called “The Mississippi of Cortland County” by someone, probably. Bet you never saw the good side of the city, either. That city being Marathon, NY. Keep your tubes tied at home, wear your favorite Period attire, and let’s ride this cotton (vinyl) pony into Blood Town! Unlike menstruation, this will be a fun way to go with Aunt Flow. We’ll be taking it nice and easy (Sorry, FRB’s), but we never do things nice and easy. We always do it nice and rough.
This Period Piece will have water, tubes (Fallopian and otherwise), ropes, buses, rocks orange food and other aqueous substances (use your imagination). Will there be shot stops? Yes, probably. Will there be Beer Nears? Sure. Where and when these will happen is TBD, as your Hare hasn’t so much set this trail as let nature take its course. Liiterally. It’s a river, after all.
Didn’t make it to Ren Fair this year? No problem, wear your Period costume here! Just make sure it’s okay getting wet. Hoop skirts don’t do well on inflatable devices from what I hear. Whalebone corsets, while going with a nautical theme, are more marine than lotic. And they make minor things like inhaling into an effort.
Bring sunscreen, if you need it. And a change of clothes. You’ll get wet. But not as wet as you think. Do not bring anything you don’t want to get wet or lost. This list includes but is in no way limited to: Phones, keys, expensive/prescription eyewear (looking at you, Cooter). wallets, cash, small children, husbands and sons (but only because I’ll be there).
The catch? It’ll be $30 hash cash. $25 for the tube and transport upstream (I think it’s $5 off if you bring your own, but not sure on that). But other than that, you’ll need nothing else. People on the river are happy to give tubes, rides up the riiver and ice cream, and beverages…in exchange for money.
Where: Lighthouse Landing, 3780 US-11, Marathon, NY 13803
When: I’m hoping for a 1:69PM DEPARTURE, so get there a bit early to sign a waiver.
Dogs and virgins are welcome, but both need to be able to swim/wade off leash.
Brought to you by Proud Mary