Hash #1015

someBODY once told me that Sunday is a hashing day…

Crawdaddy Cooter and Madam Hole formally invite you ogres and asses to celebrate the great American cinema series Shrek with a magical jaunt this Sunday!

Don your princess dresses and knight’s armor. Cum as your favorite fairy tale or magical creature. Paint your tits green! Put wings on your dick!! Stick onions up your ass!!! I don’t give a fuck – it’s 2am and I just drank some codeine cough syrup! WOOOOOOOOO!

There will be beer, there will be shots. I can’t speak for pixie dust, but something something magic mushrooms.

There will be at least one highway crossing and a bit of running near\on heavy traffic areas so no dogs allowed. Virgins are expected to be leashed, as always.

When: Sunday, March 19 2:09pm HST

Where: Best Buy parking lot at the Pyramid Mall

How much: $5 USD – none of that Rumplestilskin shit