Hash #1011

Sunday is a Hashing Day! Is everybody happy? You bet can bet your ass I am.

Trail number, I don’t know, more than I can count on my fingers and toes will commence promptly at 1:69 PM

The theme for this trail is I don’t have one. To honor the late, great David Crosby, “I don’t like to get hung up on titles man.”

We will be exploring Virgin Hash territory at the Summerland Nature Preserve in the lawless lands of Potato Hill and Blackman Hill. Virgins are welcomed to be explored. Also, dog friendly. Half minds that cannot provide evidence of attending disobedience class must be leashed. There will be shiggy, hills, fun, maybe some feral pigs, who knows?

As BVD noted, Hash cash is $5. Still planning the on after, trying to find something that is open past 4 PM in the area.

Starting location is on Blackman Hill Rd., you will see a nice new parking lot near Hunt’s Tree Farm. I have included a pin drop. From Ithaca take 79 to Level Green Rd. to Blackman Hill Rd.

Pin drop for Sunday 1/22 Blackman Hill Road