Hash #1004

IH3 Halloweenie Hash 2022
Sat., Oct. 29, 6:30 pm

Join your hares BVD and Flowbie for the most fun you can have in costume (in muggle world) for Halloweenie 2022! Are you cumming? If so, read all the deets below, and reply with your fav Halloween themed meme to give us a rough head count. Yeah, yeah. Head? Who said… Keep reading wankers!

Pre-lube/chalk talk start location: Liquid State Brewing Co., 620 W. Green St., Ithaca, NY
PIN DROP: https://maps.app.goo.gl/6qJSN5ygQniTK7no9?g_st=ic

HASH CASH: $20 and a costume will get you full of beer (or wine), shots, good times, and a little habby too.

Bring your ID and extra $$$ for the pre-lube at Liquid State AND the on after back at Liquid State where they’re having a Michael Jackson/Prince Dance Party with no cover charge!!!

How do I pay to party? 1. Cash the night of; OR 2. Venmo BVD as a friend/family ONLY and just put your hash name in the comments and nothing more @bvd-lyman-16 [last 4 of my cell# 9758]

NOTES: Too cool for a costume? Don’t worry. One will be assigned to you.

MORE NOTES: You: What if I’m running late? Where is everyone? Hares: Text BVD at 607-597-9758 or Flowbie at 607-280-4552.

MORER NOTES: Virgins welcome and drink for free! Sadly, it’ll be a concrete jungle, so no puppers on trail.

CAUTION: Partying is encouraged. Driving drunk anywhere after is not. Plan for a safe ride OR contact BVD to inquire about reserving crash space ahead of the event. You: I forgot to reach out to BVD and that crazy hash got me lit. What do I do? BVD: Tell a hare! We will get you squared away.