Hash #983

Welcome wankers, wanktanks, wankereenistas, whooptydos, whooptydon’ts, and just plain old wanks to Plaidypussy’s Birthday Boof Noveau!

I feel like has been particularly “lifey” for everyone I talk to these days. The vernal season is on us and the wheel of life turns. March was in like a lion and out like a ram in the keister. My birthday (when I got a cold that laid me out) may be past but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to have a party and celebrate a new year! 

Time to turn our faces to the sky and drink in those bits of sun that grace us on occasion in spring.  Let’s celebrate new growth,  new experiences, new friends,  new restaurants,  new beers.  All the fun new things! Boof Noveau!!

Trail is brought to you by your hares Plaidypussy and Just Scott. We’ve got a nice romp for you planned in some new territory in Enfield. There’s a new cool restaurant that brews beer in a greenhouse!

Join your hares and hash family at Stone Bend Farm, Sunday, April 3rd at 1:69 p.m. for start of trail and then into the wilds of Enfield including a grove of 300 year old maples.  (ok they might not be new but they’re really really cool!) There will be hash marks. There will be beer. There will be shots. There may even be some of Just Scott’s amazing homebrew mead!

After trail from 4:30 to 6:30 we have Stone Bend Farm reserved for our private Boof Noveau On-after where they will serve pizza, beer,  wine, and cider.  Pitchers of beer for circle and pizza will be provided and then you’ll need to buy your own drinks after that.

Hash cash  $10 and virgins cum free

Hash dogs allowed though they’ll need to stay outside at Stone Bend Farm. Plenty of outdoor seating if you prefer not to be inside with a group of hashers on-after. 


Can’t wait to boof with ewe!
On-better than beaujolais noveau-On!