Hash #898

Got BEE(R)s?

Join PG and Floss on Sunday July 14 at 2:69pm HST for a wet and wonderful journey through the wilds of BEE(R) country.

Start : Hammond Hill parking lot on Hammond Hill Road (42.437115,-76.305705) —Don’t try to take this road from the south or you’re gonna have a bad time. Enter from Irish Settlement Road.

$5 gets you Wild T(r)ail, Bee(r)s, and (Boo)bees. Wear your best beekeeper suit, yellow/black stripes, or strap-on your own stinger. Maybe hashers (Floss) will get lucky this year and we can become friends with the bees*.

Virgins welcome! Bring leashes for dogs and a dry bag for after. Swimming optional.

*except for ground bees — f*ck those f*ckers