WinterHash 2016

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Check out IH3s FB page for pictures of stupidity.

Join your fellow half minds from kennels nearer and further for a wintry Interhash in Ithaca!

We will be renting the 4H campground in Ithaca for the afternoon and evening (ah, the weekend memories). Trail will be shiggy and will be followed by food and more beer.

Once we get kicked out of camp, there will be an on-after downtown at a hasher’s house (The Rave).

Some crash space will be available.

Haberdashery is claimed!
****Registration is closed.****
If you’re still interested in coming, show up tomorrow (Jan. 30), and pay your $30 at the door. No habby for you, but there will be shiggy, beer, dinner, and a good time!

Questions and dirty pictures can be directed to your hare (Nurse TaKillYa) at

Who’s Coming!

Boo Berry Tits (Flour City H3)
MC Hemorrhoid (Flour City H3)
Spike (Ithaca H3)
Clitorhands (Flour City H3)
Six from Behind (Syracuse OnOnDogga H4)
Snidley Whipass (Syracuse OnOnDogga H4)
Mark Suckerberg (Flour City H3)
All Holes Hoping (SLOW H3)
Cock-or-two (Syracuse OnOnDogga H4)
Nurse TaKillYa (Ithaca H3)
Brown Hole Delivery (Ithaca H3)
No Child From Behind (Syracuse OnOnDogga H4)
Porcelain Goddess (Ithaca H3)
Master Baster (Ithaca H3)
Shiggy Shaman (Ithaca H3)
Golden Snowball (Syracuse OnOnDogga H4)
Fleshlight (Syracuse OnOnDogga H4)
Home Blown (Flour City H3)
Country Cock (Ithaca H3)
Chew Chew Ham Ham (Ithaca H3)
DeBasement (Ithaca H3)
Thank You Cum Again (Ithaca H3)
Tastes Like 10th Grade (Ithaca H3)
Kickstand (Ithaca H3)
Just Kerm (Flour City H3)
Kiss my Cockbook (Flour City H3)
Ass First (Flour City H3)
Bumper Thumper (Syracuse OnOnDogga H4)
Loose Early (Flour City H3)
Cock Killer (Nittney Valley)
Virgin Haeley (Harrisburg Hershey H3)
Jello Jigglers (Flour City H3)
Piggy (Halve Mein H3)
Decibelle (Halve Mein H3)
Snow Me a Blowman (Syracuse OnOnDogga H4)
Altered Boy (Syracuse OnOnDogga H4)
Butt Floss (Ithaca H3)
Just Joe (??)
Utica Chub (Syracuse OnOnDogga H4)
Pastorbator (Syracuse OnOnDogga H4)
Bushy Cholera (Syracuse OnOnDogga H4)
Handy (Ithaca H3)
Willy Wanker (Halve Mein H3)
Doris Dicktoria (Ithaca H3)
Lick Around For Seconds (Flour City H3)
Self Cock Block (Syracuse OnOnDogga H4)
Sperm Whale (Syracuse OnOnDogga H4)
Ass Full of White Man (Syracuse OnOnDogga H4)
Hare Llama (Buffalo H3)
The Great Gashby (Ithaca H3)
Just Nadz (Syracuse OnOnDogga H4)
Chunks & Dunks (Syracuse OnOnDogga H4)
Shit Talkie (Ithaca H3)
6.9 on the Rectum Scale (Halve Mein H3)
SeizeHer Cooch (Halve Mein H3)
Pack ‘n’ Play (Ithaca H3)
Tweedle Me (Syracuse OnOnDogga H4)
Just Chris (??)
Mayan Ass Bleeds (Flour City H3)