Midweek Hash Practice

Once upon a time, a bunch of wankers decided that it would be fun to gather and ‘practice’ for the hash. However, times change, and folks largely practice on their own.
Are you interested? Let Mismanagement know, or just email the list!


We jog at a moderately easy clip, chat, joke, and laugh, then go have food and beer afterwards. True to proper hash form,  we remain non-competitive and quite friendly.

Come join us.


11 thoughts on “Midweek Hash Practice”

    1. Oh dear! I had another engagement (which I make as rare as possible) or I would have shown up in person. Sometimes three people r*n, sometimes a dozen. I promise you that I will be there next week, along with others.

      In short: yes, we still run every week.

      1. Great! I will be there too! I’ll be the obvious one sitting on the wall in total spandex watching people eating Thai food like a complete doofus. Again.

  1. hey there- i’m visiting ithaca from san diego for a few months and wanted to check out the hash practice. What time does it start next wed and where should i show up?

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