Star Whores

Come Celebrate XXX with IH3!

August 24–26, 2018

Register online!
Registration is limited to 120 people.



2 PM: Rego Opens
6 PM: Grapes of Gash (bring a bottle of wine to share)
7 PM: Dinner
8:30 PM: Camp costume crawl
10 – 1PM: Dance your ass off


8/8:30 AM: Breakfast begins
10:30 AM: Trail starts
1PM: Lunch
3 PM: Circle
4 PM: Hash games
7/7:30 PM: Dinner
1 AM: Midnight Run


8:30 AM?: Breakfast
9/10 AM: Fatboy and circle
11-12: Get the hell out!


Camp Owahta, Syrian Hill Rd, McGraw, NY

A Drinking Club with a Running Problem