[Below are a bunch of words that you may want to read. ‘S good reading. Probably.

If you’ve got half a mind and half the time: come back when you can read it!

Until then, if you ever need to be babysat, or looked-for, rest assured that you’ll hear about it and possibly fetid. Fêted. Whatever. Gispert help us all if worse happens. ~Ed.]

Words words words. [Redacted, et cetera.]


Summarized by Man-O-Whore, ~March 2013, Ithaca HHH

A note on Responsibility

In hashing we don’t often talk about responsibility, with good reason. No one wants to spend their fun hash having to keep an eye out for other people. We want to drink some beer, talk to friends, and run.  We are not your parents and by and large we don’t care if you make a fool out of yourself, it makes for a great story anyway.  I feel, however that when you volunteer to be a hare, there is some implicit responsibility that comes along with it. The hounds are following your trail after all, and the hares are the only ones who truly know where trail goes.


One of the things I love about our hash is that I don’t have to worry if I’m having an “off” day or even if I have hurt my ankle or whatever. I always know that when I show up as a hound, there will be a hare at the back of the pack to make sure I don’t get too far behind.  Sweeping can be a fun job as a hare, as you get to stand back, have a few beers and watch as everyone comes walking back from your YBF. You also get to drop hints to the DFLS and often times give them a good head start from the FRB’s.  Sweeping is a great idea, if you’re a hare and you’re more interested in FRBing, then please make sure you have a co-hare willing to sweep.  (Of course no one expects to have to sweep the hare themselves.. but that’s another story)

Tech on Trail

In the hash we make a big deal out of tech on trial. Though not mandatory, if you’re a hare who has set a particularly hairy trail, you might consider having the sweeping hare carry a phone.  Not only incase someone becomes lost/injured but also for late arrivals who might want to join up on trial.


When I hare one of the things I like to do is count how many hounds are with us total, and check that number at each beer near.  The last thing you would want to do is get the group moving to the next beer near before everyone has arrived.


Now hold on, I am not saying hares shouldn’t drink… damn that would be sucky, laying trail and sweeping without drinking…  But it might be best to save the double-fisting for the circle.  Personally when I hare I like to be at least partially conscious at circle since I am going to be punished with a lot to drink anyway, you might as well get to enjoy all the shitty things people say about your trail. Also Gispert-forbid if something should go wrong on trial, authorities may want to talk with you. If you’re falling-over drunk, this will do nothing to help the future of hashing in Ithaca.



You’re a hound.. Drink until your stupid… Well ok, it’s best to know your limit and stay just shy of that. If you choose to be slobbering fall-over puke drunk, some might consider that selfish, as now we have to spend our precious hash time dragging your pukey body around the woods.  Besides, the last thing you want to do, is be unconscious around Floss.

Get Lost

If you’re the type of hound that tends to get lost frequently…(You know who you are)  Do us a favor and consider memorizing a few phone numbers, just in case. Generally if you can get a hold of one member of the Ithaca crowd, they only have about 2 degrees of separation to every other member of the hash

On Dealing with Authorities

As hashers, we occasionally have to deal with the authorities. If you’re a hound, generally it’s best to opt for the hares to take over.  Do your best to keep the members who have been drinking away from the authority(s). If you have been drinking you might best be served by remaining quiet and letting the more sober members take over.  I have seen what happens when the drunkest members take over communications with the authorities.. spoiler alert, the drunk people didn’t win that debate.  Also if you don’t like the authorities, we can all appreciate that, but suck it up and be polite when dealing with hash matters.  Being a smart ass can get us all in trouble and the last thing you want is to ruin it for the rest of us.

What to do if you get lost

Stay by marks

If you find yourself lost during trail, the best thing is to stick near flour, generally if the others realize you’re missing they will be running those marks back to find you.

If you have lost trail entirely

Head towards the last road/trail you passed and stick on it. These are the routes people looking for you will be taking.

If you are lost for an hour or more

It’s time to make some more long term-arrangements.  If it’s starting to get dark, plant your ass near a land mark, anything that sticks out. These are the places people are going to be looking for you.  If it’s cold and you might not be able to spend a night in the elements, find the nearest stream/ravine and follow it down. These will always lead to larger bodies of water and towns.  Nearby towns are the first to be checked when you turn up missing.  Consider leaving marks like we do at checks… an arrow made out of sticks pointing the direction you’re going. One half-mind recently did well by finding a temporary shelter to hole up in, though I don’t think he remembers how he got there.