2023 Hash Elections

Grand Master (GM): the public-relations person and general organizer for the hash; runs and organizes hash meetings, deals with angry public, keeps hash event plans moving. (Currently BVD)

Religious Advisor (RA): the hash leader for hash events; runs circle and chalk talk, keeps things fun. (Currently Penguin)

On-Sec: the hash secretary; keeps records of attendance and of hash property, manages haberdashery (or delegates). (Currently CumBoy)

HashCash: the treasurer; keeps the hash finances, reports on hash finances, tracks spending on events, manages beermeister (if we ever have one). (Currently Spike)

Hare Raiser: maintains the list of upcoming hashes, reminding people when we need hares for runs. (Currently Shiggy)

You may vote for the same person for more than one position. In IH3, we typically have the same person doing HashCash and On-sec, but that is not necessary.

Elections are now closed. Thank you.

Elections ran from October 19–November 3.