The Buffalo Beer Mile

The Buffalo Beer Mile is, as far as we can tell, an invention of the Ithaca Hash House Harriers. It came to us one Friday evening over dinner at Viva: Tastes Like Tenth Grade commented that she had mapped out the distance of one mile, starting from Bool’s Flower Shop, all the way up the very steep Buffalo Street, then over to Seneca and back down to finish at the same spot — and wouldn’t this make a great route for a Beer Mile?

Clearly, after a full dinner and several margaritas each, we knew that this had to be done. So it was decided that Captain Smashballs, Fertilize Her and Master Baster would be the first ones to attempt the Buffalo Beer Mile — and amazingly, not all three had to run the penalty lap… though that one ended up getting lost due to inability to follow basic directions.

1. International rules guidelines of the Beer Mile apply:
-5% ABV beer out of a can only, four beers
-puking before the finish incurs a penalty lap
-race start: drink a beer and r*n; all beer must be poured into the gullet before runner may continue
-this is a content of grit and honor; conduct yourself accordingly

2. Start/finish by Bool’s Flower Shop
2a. BN#1 at Seneca & Schuyler, BN#2 at Seneca & Eddy, BN#3 at Seneca & Schuyler

3. Upon puking, the runner must take the next available right onto a cross street, then circumnavigate whichever block he/she is on in order to return to the original course.
(Ex. if puking downhill on Seneca Street past Stewart Avenue, take the next right onto Schuyler Place, then right onto Buffalo uphill, then right onto Stewart Ave., then right back down Seneca.)

Current Standings in the Buffalo Beer Mile:
 Name                     Instance     Time              Notes
Capt. Cummando Cobbler     BBM#2       12:54
 Brown Hole Delivery       BBM#2       15:69               ?
 Master Baster             BBM#2       17:05               *
 Captain Smashballs        BBM#2       17:35
 Master Baster             BBM#1       18:23              *,%
 Fertilize Her             BBM#1       19:59              *,%
 Captain Smashballs        BBM#1       25:03              #,%

* – penalty lap for puking
% – started on a full stomach
# – got lost; went too far
? – forgot his own finish time

Half-minds who have completed this challenge are welcome to submit their results below.
Photographic evidence is preferred, nay, required — unless at least five members of IH3 are present to authenticate any records.

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