2018 Hash Weekend

The Ithaca Hash House Harriers set out to celebrate thirty years of shiggy, beer, and debauchery on the weekend of August twenty-fourth to August twenty-sixth, 2018. Thirty years!

“What could we possibly do that we haven’t done before?” asked the little drunk hare.

“A triple-X party!”, exclaimed the ass, “Cause XXX is thirty in really old speak!”

“But we do debauchery all the time”, said the hare, “and you’re always leaving your sex toys stuck to Floss’s microwave. I want something new and fun that we can tell tales about over and over again.”

“Why don’t you have a dirty story time?” suggested the hound. “Everyone knows that hashers are full of drunken erotic stories about shit that never happened.”

“I could get drunk to that!”, said the ass.

“We could tell some XXX fairy tales,” suggested the foxy fox slyly. “You know . . . turn them on before you turn the lights off.” Fox smiled wickedly.

“Yay!”, exclaimed hare, hound, and ass. “We have a theme!”

And so fox, hare, hound, and ass all got safely drunk, told obscene stories of bad boys and girls getting properly punished, and lost all their clothes. And then, as the sun set, they invited the bar-tending bear over for an orgy (’cause it takes five to orgy).

And they debauched happily ever after.

Come Celebrate XXX with IH3!

August 24–26, 2018

Register online!
Registration is limited to 120 people.

Ithaca is trying out a new facility this year. We will be at Camp Owahta, just northeast of Cortland, New York. Because the camp is new to us, we are not quite sure of cabin availability, so we are asking your preference on the registration and will get back to you once we find out more information.



2 PM: Rego Opens
6 PM: Grapes of Gash (bring a bottle of wine to share)
7 PM: Dinner
8:30 PM: Camp costume crawl
10 – 1PM: Dance your ass off


8/8:30 AM: Breakfast begins
10:30 AM: Trail starts
1PM: Lunch
3 PM: Circle
4 PM: Hash games
7/7:30 PM: Dinner
1 AM: Midnight Run


8:30 AM?: Breakfast
9/10 AM: Fatboy and circle
11-12: Get the hell out!



Camp Owahta, Syrian Hill Rd, McGraw, NY


A Drinking Club with a Running Problem