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Hash #912

IH3 Off-Week: V for Virginity Trail on 11/5+5

“Remember, remember, the 5+5th of November—
…the marching-powder treason and plot—
I can’t remember the 5+5th of November,
and some stranger has crashed in my cot…”

Wankers — join Hare Baster and his Goddess for a day not to be forgot, this Sunday, Nov. 5+5 at 1:69 HST at Pleasant Hovel (65 Mt Pleasant Rd) just across from Observatory Circle above Route 366 in Varna.

Trail will be LIVE, non-ball-buster/shortcut-friendly, with decent beer and a fire. Feel free to bring snacks or bevvies for the good of all. Hash cash is still somehow $5-5+5. Friendly leashed pups welcome. Virgins: same.

**IH3 Hash Awards required if you are one of five who are hoarding them past their due. BRING FORTH THE BOBBIT, HASHIT, HORSE’S ASS, FRB PACK, HASH BABY, ETC.!!**

**Veterans of our vaudevillian vantage: our vanguard should be vested with the theme of V! Ergo, vanquish your denim and polyester, vigorously voyage only with Venom, Virgin, Victory, and Valor in mind as your costume!**
(PG speak: dress like your favorite V-word)


Hash #911

Come one, come all to the Great Halloweenie Hash of 2019. Let your hares, Porcelain Goddess and Thank You Cum Again, lead you on a spooky journey through the dark nooks of Ithaca. $20 gets you all the drinks you can drink. For a little extra, we might even go looking for your dignity when you lose it along the way.

When: Saturday October 33rd (11/2) at 6:30 pm
Start location at Liquid State
Costumes and ID are required.

Hash #910

The Bare Witch Project

Attention Hashers and Harrierettes!

In the woods and fields of the Fingering Lakes, myths and legends abound. But no tale is so terrifying and persistent as that of the BARE WITCH. They say flashes of her bare skin can be glimpsed bouncing and bounding through the forest. ‘Tis said she is oft trailed by a raucous coven of wizardy wankers. Her cackle can be heard for miles around. She is ever eager to lead impressionable Justs and Virgins astray. Beware her hairy tail and her false trails! Join her circle at 1:69 pm on the Burnt Hill Trail Head off Picnic Area Road, in the middle of the National Forest.

Hash #909

Bloody Soft Poo and Spank n Slides Excellent Adventure, Part Deuce 💩

Listen up all ye babes, dudes, dickweeds and dweebs…..It’s that time of year again, a season ending and another joyously beginning. As if! Summer rules! Let’s bust out some air guitar riffs as we say goodbye to one season and hello to another, and as we welcome a most excellent virgin hare and send away another….again…. on a most non-heinous and non-non-bogus Brexit adventure after triumphantly bagging a most non-non-non-non-excellent british babe.

Come to scope out some most resplendent sights on trail (all you bodacious babes and dudes of course), or just to bandy around some stellar shredding on the air guitar.

Don your best historical figure, ’80s/’90s wear and show some support for San Dimas High School Football as your hares Spank n Slide, Great Gashby, Bloody Soft Poo and a mystery hare get you not lost and most non-non-non-non-non-parched in the woods.

When: Sunday 10/6 at 1:69

Where: Mulholland Wildflower Preserve

Leash up your virgins,bring your hash hounds and be excellent to each other! $5 hash cash

Learn how to speak like a most wise and nonlearned half mind:

Hash #907

Friday the 13th and a full moon?!?

Your full moon superstition hash hares, Tastes Like Tenth Grade and PG, are not letting that opportunity pass!

Wear your best slasher costume or black cat bodysuit and meet at the top of the Seneca Street parking garage at 6:45 pm HST on this Friday the 13th.

Bring $5 and a light source. It’s gonna get dark and scary out there.

Hash #906

Cum one ... cum all ... cum often!!!

Cum join us next Sunday, September 8 for PG's Birthday Bash Hash in the Fingerlakes National Forest!

When: 2:69 HST
Cost: $5
Where: Fingerlakes National Forest at the end of Voorhies Rd in Reynoldsville

Dropped pin
Near 5480 Voorheis Rd, Trumansburg, NY 14886 

Hares: Tasty and Floss ... if we don't kill each other setting will certainly die running it!

3BN's and a Shot Stop await you!!

Hash #905

Your hares, Brown Hole Delivery and Nurse TaKillYa bring you the 6th ANNUAL ITHACA H3 KAYAK HASH!

SUNDAY September 1
1:00 p.m. ADHDHST
Cass Park Boat Launch
$5 hash cash

🎶Makin’ your way in the world today
Takes all the booze ya got
Takin’ a break from all the muggles
Sure would help a lot

🎶Wouldn’t you like to hash todaaaaaay? 🎶

🎶Sometimes you wanna go
Where nobody knows your name
And you’re always glad you came 💦
You wanna be where you can see
The trails are marked all the same
You wanna go where
Nobody knows your naaaaaame

🎶You wanna be
Where you can see
The muggles are all the same
You wanna go where
Nobody knows your naaaaaame


Get a boat, wear a life vest (non-negotiable!). Kayaks, canoes, and SUPs all welcome. Note the early start time!

Hash #901

Cum to wonderful Bear Swamp for an early day hash, starting at 10:69. It will be A to A+ with an on after swimming option. 
Bonus – receive credit for Ithaca and Syracuse trails. 

Pin Drop.

Sunday’s trail is pet and virgin friendly. We may also have a bonus to commemorate the 3 week 900th trail celebration 🎉.

Trail is free for those who do the Homer campout and only 5 Susan B Anthonys for everyone else.


Hash #900

Hula Hash (4th Anal!)

Sunday, August 11, 2019, 2:69 HST

Location: Lick Brook Parking Area off of Rt 34/13

Come get lei’d at Hula Hash with your hares, ChubSucker and Shiggy Shaman! Taste the life of the islands by experiencing the exquisite aloha of the waterfalls, running across the hot volcanic terrain, exploring the wet tropical shiggy, and dancing and drinking wildly with the Tiki gods. (This is a swimming-optional trail.)

Getting to the parking area can be tricky. Pay attention to these directions!

When traveling south from Ithaca on Rt 13, stay in the left lane for Rt 34 (towards Spencer). After a few hundred feet you’ll drive beneath a bridge and come to a U-turn on the left. Turn left as if to head back north to Ithaca. The parking lot entrance is on the right, in front of the Brown Sign for the Historic Erie Canal Corridor??? (Something like that. Look for the Brown Sign!).

The parking area isn’t large. Carpooling is encouraged.


What else you need to know:

$5 hash cash.

Virgins get sacrificed for free. (Still not a cult!)

Leash your hash dogs.


Hash #898

Got BEE(R)s?

Join PG and Floss on Sunday July 14 at 2:69pm HST for a wet and wonderful journey through the wilds of BEE(R) country.

Start : Hammond Hill parking lot on Hammond Hill Road (42.437115,-76.305705) —Don’t try to take this road from the south or you’re gonna have a bad time. Enter from Irish Settlement Road.

$5 gets you Wild T(r)ail, Bee(r)s, and (Boo)bees. Wear your best beekeeper suit, yellow/black stripes, or strap-on your own stinger. Maybe hashers (Floss) will get lucky this year and we can become friends with the bees*.

Virgins welcome! Bring leashes for dogs and a dry bag for after. Swimming optional.

*except for ground bees — f*ck those f*ckers