2021 Hash Elections

The following five positions of hash mismanagement are up for election.

Grand master (GM): the public-relations person and general organizer for the hash; runs and organizes hash meetings, deals with angry public, keeps event plans moving.

Religious advisor (RA): the hash leader for hash events; runs circle and chalk talk, keeps things fun.

On-sec*: the hash secretary; keeps records of attendance, manages haberdashery (or delegates), and helps with public relations.

HashCash*: the treasurer; keeps the hash finances, reports on hash finances, tracks spending on events, manages beermeister (if we ever have one).

Hare raiser: maintains the list of upcoming hashes, reminding people when we need hares for runs.

*Because we’re a small kennel, on-sec and hashcash will be considered a single position.


Current nominations for the positions are as follows:

Grand Master:

  • BVD
  • Cumboy
  • Spike

Religious Advisor:

  • Penguin


  • Bluey

Hare Raiser:

  • Shiggy

To nominate more people to the list, please fill out and submit the form below.

A Drinking Club with a Running Problem